Crank Shaft Grinding Facilities

Crank grinders: 

Length: 2 metres 4,3 metres 2,1 meters
Stroke: 0,2 metre 0,45 metres 0,300 meters
Mass: 500 Kg 4 000kg 2 500kg

METALPLUS are pioneers in this industry and as a result of our tremendously successful repair procedures, we are able to do repairs on a number of components, namely: diesel crankshafts as well as compressor crankshafts. These are ground either to client specifications or completely overhauled in which case we carry out a full weld repair to an approved procedure. Prior to any work being done on any crankshaft, we conduct a detailed inspection, which covers the following:  visual inspection, NDT to establish if any cracks are present as well as dimensional checks, deflections and run outs.

crank shaft - image 1 crank shaft - image 2
Manufactured of compressor crank shaft Manufacture of new or complete repair of crank shaft
crank shaft - image 3 crank shaft - image 4
Repair and grinding crank shaft up to 4,3 meters in length with 450mm stroke for the locomotive and shipping industries.
crank shaft - image 5 crank shaft - image 6
Repair and manufacture compressor crank Large compressor crank shafts

Metalplus Vision

To “be” the difference in the repairs and machining industry; by being the repairer of choice in the refurbishment of Turbines, Crank Shafts, Crusher Component and Rotating Equipment. – “Giving Good Service and Quality Products”