We have the largest crank grinder in the Southern Hemisphere.


Cylindrical Grinder

Length:  8 metres
Diameter: 1.4 metre
Mass: 15 000 Kg

We have the facility to final grind large and small components, new and refurbished, providing best tolerances, surface finish and run-outs which is not possible on conventional lathes.

grinding-1 grinding-2
New rib shaft for Electric motors Grinding of repaired and new rolls for the paper industry
grinding-3 grinding-4
Compacter roll being ground after microwelding and machining Grinding of manufactured shafts

Metalplus Vision

To “be” the difference in the repairs and machining industry; by being the repairer of choice in the refurbishment of Turbines, Crank Shafts, Crusher Component and Rotating Equipment. – “Giving Good Service and Quality Products”