Metalplus have capabilities in light, medium and heavy machining.

Light Machining: 

Length:  2 metres
Diameter: 0,5 metre
Weight: 500 Kg

Medium Machining: 

Length:  4 metres
Diameter: 0,65 metre
Weight: 2 000 Kg

Heavy Machining: 

Length:  6 metres 8 metres 13 metres
Diameter: 1.0 metre 1.3 metre 2.4 metre
Weight: 15 00 kg 18 000kg 30 000kg

Metalplus’ capabilities ensures machining of new components to drawing as well as retrofitting of existing equipment. Our areas of expertise are new and refurbished equipment, eg. turbines, rotors, crushers, rolls and fan shaft equipment. Over the years Metalplus has grown in stature building a solid foundation in this industry with loyal staff and suppliers spanning a total of 40 years.

machining-1 machining-2
13 meter lathe
machining-3 machining-4
8 meter lathe
machining machining-6
6 meter lathe
machining-7 machining-8
Grooving of rolls

Metalplus Vision

To “be” the difference in the repairs and machining industry; by being the repairer of choice in the refurbishment of Turbines, Crank Shafts, Crusher Component and Rotating Equipment. – “Giving Good Service and Quality Products”